Sue Bleiweiss

 Artist, Author & Architect of whimsical worlds created with fabric and thread …

All the quilts on this page were created using my own hand dyed cotton fabric  (including the black!) combined with a few by Cherrywood here and there.  Each art quilt is my own design and has been machine quilted by me. 

If you are interested in purchasing any of my quilts or are interested in a custom piece please email me.

Prices for my quilts range from $75 - $150 a square foot.

 Please note that all of these quilts fall under my copyright and are not to be copied or reproduced in any manner. 

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Graffiti 1  57” x 51”

In the City 24” x 60”

Beach houses 40” x 40”

Village 1 51” x 33”

HM ribbon winner IQF 2012

Main Street 72” x 34” 

HM ribbon winner IQF 2013

Alleway 33” x 45”

3rd place Art Whimsical IQF 2015

Tropical Getaway 40” x 40”

Work in progress 40” x 40”

Main Street 2 72” x 34”

Whimsy Way

29” x 53”

It takes a village 48” x48”

Village 2 36” x 36”

Red+Yellow+Blue 30” x 50”

City Skyline 72” x 33”

2nd place Art Whimsical IQF 2014

Graffiti 2 30” x 50”

Winner Art Whimsical IQF 2018

Affinity 40” x 40

Moon over Concrete Jungle

55” x 39”

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