Sue Bleiweiss

fiber artist & wildlife photographer

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I am happy to work with you or your group to customize or design a workshop or lecture !

 Please email me at for more information or to schedule a workshop or lecture.

All of my lectures and workshops which you will find here are available via zoom for guilds, small groups and individuals!  

My goal is to make my virtual workshop experience as close as possible to an in person one for you and your guild and thanks to having several Zoom devices around my studio (including an overhead view of my work/ironing station and my sewing machine) you’ll be able to see everything I’m doing, hear me clearly and interact with me no matter where I am in the room throughout the entire workshop day just like you would if I was there in person!

I love to teach because it gives me the opportunity to pass onto others my knowledge and experience to help them grow and challenge themselves to learn new things.  Whenever I teach I try to structure the class projects so that by the end of the workshop students leave with a completed project.  I think this helps the student build confidence especially when they’re learning a technique or working with supplies that are new to them and gives them the courage to explore what they’ve learned long after class is over. I want my students to have a fun and enjoyable experience and my teaching style is very casual in that I don’t believe that my way of doing things is the only way or the right way.  I want my classes to be the place where my students feel comfortable experimenting with new techniques without worrying about whether or not they’re doing it the right or wrong way.

Teaching Rates

Lecture fee: $400

 100 attendee limit via zoom (can be upgraded to 300 for an additional $150)

Full day workshops (6 hours) live via zoom:

$750 per workshop day for up to 20 students.

Full day workshops can be broken into two or more sessions

Half day workshops (3 hours) -  live via zoom:

$400 per workshop day for up to 20 students.

Half day workshops can be broken into two sessions

Click here to view some possibilities for workshops and lectures. 

They all can be customized to suit your interests. 

 I can also turn projects from any of my books into a full or half day workshop.

Zoom group workshops include the following:

Live lectures and demos

In most cases I have pre-recorded videos of the live demos that I do during class available to students for 7 days after the workshop via a private easy to use private online classroom

Additional downloadable PDF project support documents where applicable

Live on demand support throughout the workshop via zoom

Live wrap up/Q&A/show and tell session via zoom at the conclusion of the workshop day

Continued project support via email for up to 7 days after the workshop

I always open the zoom meeting at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the workshop or lecture to give everyone time to get connected and comfortable before we begin.

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