Sue Bleiweiss

fiber artist & wildlife photographer

I love sharing images of my work on my website and my blog and I hope they make you smile and even inspire you to create your own art quilts.  However, please keep the following in mind while you are browsing my work:

All the images on my website and blog are copyrighted.  This means that you can’t download and use them in any way or format for any reason unless you email me at and ask first.

All the quilts on my website and blog are my own original creations and they are also copyrighted.  This means that while you can be inspired by them to create your own work, you cannot make a replica (or a derivative) of them and you cannot download an image of them and print them on fabric, paper or any other substrate unless you email me at and ask first.

The exception to this are the quilts that I have released as patterns in my books or taught in my workshops. 

You do have my permission to post links to my website and my blog and any blog posts and in fact I encourage you to do so!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me at

Thank you!

For more information regarding copyright:

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